What is Movement and Mobility?


"All human beings should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves." - Dr. Kelly Starrett

Movement and Mobility means having a schema, and the tools, to fix and improve your own body. Just exercising is not enough to be fit anymore.

WHY do people develop arthritis?
WHY do people experience stiff and tight muscles?
WHY do so many people’s joints deteriorate?
WHY does exercise, like running, usually used to increase health, so often lead to chronic pain after many years?
WHY is low back pain, the most common cause of disability among young adults, afflicting 80% of all people? (http://www.who.int/chp/topics/rheumatic/en/)

At E.H. Mobility, we believe that all humans have the right and responsibility to be able to perform basic maintenance on their own body. We believe that chronic pain and bad posture, incredibly common as they are, are not natural and that you can learn to fix these afflictions on your own with a few simple tools and a few educational sessions.

Tammy here has had a super stiff knee for about a decade. It hurts when squatting, and she has never been able to lock it out during this time span. Voodoo floss is applied to help increase her knee mobility so that she can get it moving pain free.

By teaching you how to increase your mobility with grippy, pliable, Yoga Tune Up® massage therapy balls, exercise bands, corrective exercise, and teaching you NATURAL movement patterns that work with your body’s physiology -not against it- you can make your way towards fixing your own pain and dysfunction and preventing it from ever coming back. All without pills, surgeries, or doctor visits. Learn how to rehydrate your muscles, break up scar tissue, relieve joint pain, have better posture than you ever thought you could, and most importantly, learn how to move like a human being; a way that is pain-free and awesome.

Learn how to move naturally and your mobility will remain. You will be a faster and stronger athlete, you will radically decrease your chances of developing chronic pain, and you will greatly increase your potential for independence as you get older.
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