Personal Training with E.H. Mobility

E.H. Mobility offers one-on-one personal training to help YOU get stronger, faster, fitter! With a combination of guided movement and mobility work along with intense exercise, you can become your own definition of health and sustainability. 

Our programming encompasses many different modalities including weightlifting, running, rowing, and basic gymnastics. This gives us an endless variety of movement and workout schemas so you never get bored! And by performing these workout with a focus on mechanics over just getting the job any way, not only do you become significantly fitter sooner, but you also simultaneously prevent injuries from setting you back!

Become stronger and faster, have more endurance, and develop optimal mobility for your body! Sign up with us TODAY and let us get you started on a healthier lifestyle!

E.H. Mobility offers personal training to the general community of Tuscaloosa, and also to members of PARA at a discounted rate! If you are a member of PARA, take advantage of our deal of ONLY $25 per 1 hour session! Email or call us today to get started!


PARA member?

Flat fee of $25/1 hour session

Personal Training fees:
$299/month: 3 sessions per week
$349/month: 4 sessions per week
$399/month: up to 7 sessions per week! BEST DEAL

Online Programming

Perhaps you have your own gym and so do not need a membership anywhere else, but are still not sure how to put together effective workouts over time and need some guidance for this. We have got you covered on this! After an initial interview, E.H. Mobility will have you on your way to fitness with emailed workouts that are 100% customized to you, your equipment, and and your goals!

Online programming begins with a three hour interview process, spread across three different days. This is to give me adequate time to form a relationship with you and discuss all the aspects of fitness with you, as well as to monitor your own mobility restrictions so that I can provide you with the best programming possible for you and your goals!


Online Programming fees:
3 hour interview process: $75

$40/month for 3 workouts per week.
$55/month for 4 workouts per week
$70/month for 5 workouts per week
$90/month for up to 7 workouts per week! BEST DEAL