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 So what is Yoga Tune Up®?
Yoga Tune Up® is a fitness therapy system that approaches movement and mobility by addressing the 3 P’s:

  • Pain
  • Posture
  • Performance

This is NOT traditional yoga. Yoga Tune Up® was created by Jill Miller ( as a way of relieving chronic pain, and enhancing athleticism and overall well-being. Consistent use of the movements and self-care techniques taught in Yoga Tune Up® eradicate your pain and get you more comfortable in your own skin, improve your posture by restoring your body’s mobility, and use skillful movement and your new mobility to enhance your performance for whatever it is you want to do. Whether you are competing in the Olympics or Crossfit Games, or just want to play with your grandchildren, Yoga Tune Up® can help you to do it better. Think about it like this: Most American adults cannot come close to a full butt-to-ankles squat. Why? They could when they were children. What changed? The fact that they never do it anymore. If you never squat, you aren't going to be very good at it. But not being able to squat now means nothing. You can learn. You can get the gunk cleaned out and move as you want to move without pain!

    Yoga Tune Up® incorporates small, pliable, grippy, rubber Yoga Tune Up® massage balls and a combination of corrective postures and movements to get your joints and muscles working optimally as they were meant to. These balls, along with a variety of other tools, unlock ranges of motion that you may not have thought were possible any longer. And after you get that new range, you can be on your way to moving better, getting up off the floor easily, and being stronger than ever before. 

    What are the benefits of Yoga Tune Up®?

    • Improved energy levels
    • Better breathing
    • Increased strength and flexibility
    • Deeper sleep
    • A pain-free and awesome body
    • Ease of sitting and standing
    • and much, much more!!

    Classically referred to as PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, but who wants to say or understand that outside of physiology students?) stretching, contract/relax is a simple and often super-effective method for increasing range-of-motion. Simply take your leg or arm in the direction you want to improve.



    How do you know if these classes are right for you? Do you...

    • experience creaky or painful joints?
    • have trouble sitting and standing? Especially to and from the floor?
    • deal with constant injuries when working out?
    • have no idea how to take care of yourself after surgery?
    • get annoyed from your arms going numb when reaching overhead?
    • want to run faster and lift heavier?
    • spend hours stretching and trying to fix your own tight muscles while never seeing any improvements?

    If you answered yes to any of these, then our Movement and Mobility programs are for you!


     Leading a Movement and Mobility seminar involves showing people the anatomy they are attempting to change, and then having them feel it on themselves to become more in-tune with their own body. Learn your body better, learn to maintain it better.

    Leading a Movement and Mobility seminar involves showing people the anatomy they are attempting to change, and then having them feel it on themselves to become more in-tune with their own body. Learn your body better, learn to maintain it better.


    Group Yoga Tune Up® Classes
    PARA now offers group Yoga Tune Up® classes!! In these classes, you will learn various methods for fixing chronic pain and improving your posture! Every class is different, and focuses on helping a specific problem people may have or be at risk for developing. These classes are free with you PARA membership ( or you can pay a guest fee of $7 per class!
    Currently, group classes are only available at the Faucett Center, McAbee Center, and Bobby Miller Center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 

    Group class schedule:
    Tuesdays and Fridays at 10:15am-11:00am at the Faucett Center (13040 Eugenia Faucett Dr, Northport, AL 35473)

    Feel free to call 205-886-2835 or email at for more information about these classes!

    Private Sessions
    Sometimes you need more specific help than what you can accomplish on your own or even during a group class. For those of you with more severe chronic pain, wanting more immediate help with a specific problem, or in need of coaching to have more stronger and more efficient technique for your sport while also preventing injuries, spending a solid hour with a dedicated professional may be just what you need.

    After just a few hours of work, you will be well on your way towards being able to take care of your dysfunction on your own. Become empowered and take charge of your own body. Only a handful of sessions are available each week and they fill up fast! Contact us HERE to schedule an appointment!

    E.H. Mobility offers three different kinds of private sessions:

    1. Yoga Tune Up® therapy- For people specifically looking to fix and prevent chronic pain, Yoga Tune Up® therapy sessions are unlike any you have ever experienced. With a combination of corrective exercises, self-massage, and various other tools, you will get an hour of attention for fixing a specific issue, such as difficulty getting down and up from the floor, grindy/achy knees that never stop hurting, chronic sciatica or numbness in the legs and arms, and any other problems associated with poor posture and mobility.
    2. Personal Training- For athletes looking to optimize their output in their sport, you will learn how to run faster, throw harder, jump higher, and lift heavier. These one-on-one sessions also cover strategies for warming up and cooling down that will greatly enhance your recovery so you can continue to workout longer and harder.
    3. Online Programming- Sign up for online workouts that are custom made for you and your goals! Don't have a gym or much equipment? No problem! Learn strategies for scaling workouts, post-workout recovery, and making the most out of your home equipment!


    Virtual Consultations for Yoga Tune Up® therapy
    For people who may live further away or who perhaps cannot leave their home, virtual consultations are available via Skype. Clients are required to have a stable internet connection, webcam, good visibility, audio, and a pair of Yoga Tune Up® massage therapy balls of your choice, which can be found at: A test call may be asked for prior to the scheduled appointment. Please feel free to email at for more information!


    Yoga Tune Up® Therapy:
    $80/hour. Or buy in bulk and SAVE!
    2=$150, 3=$220, 4=$290 ($40 in savings!)

    Skype consultations are $125 per hour which includes a 30 minute follow up consultation within the next 2 weeks.

    Billing options available! Choose to pay over 2, 4, or 6 months!

    *Discounts are also available to the following groups of people when appropriate identification is presented: College students, nurses, military, police, firemen and other First Responders. Please ask about this when scheduling an appointment!