Ethan Hammond is the creator and owner of E.H. Mobility. He has been working with athletes since 2009, first as an assistant to Athletic Trainers and sports coaches. After spending some time as a student Athletic Trainer, he began to notice that athletes of all levels were experiencing massive amounts of injuries…which were completely preventable. Sometimes the athletes were in pain because they were sick. Other times, they were in a horrible accident during training where some external force caused their body to break or tear. That definitely happened; about 2% of the time. But the other 98% of the injuries? These injuries happened because the athletes were moving in bad positions that compromised their own physiology, or because their body was so tight somewhere, it just couldn’t take the stress at the intensity the athlete was bringing. These are issues that are entirely preventable by teaching and programming correct movement strategies into an athletes physical training, and by reinforcing mobility as an important part of the athletes life.
In February 2015, Ethan became a certified Crossfit Movement and Mobility Trainer, and in November of the same year, completed his Level 1 Yoga Tune Up® training under Jill Miller and became the first Yoga Tune Up® teacher in the state of Alabama.