Hey everyone! I am Ethan Hammond, creator of E.H. Mobility. I believe that people have the right to live without chronic pain. I believe people can prevent almost all athletic injuries and that most injuries can be treated much faster than what is possible through the typical, conventional means provided to much of the population. Too many people live either with chronic pain, a chronic and re-occurring injury, or fear of moving in general. I started E.H. Mobility to undo that fear. To undo the chronic pain and injuries that so many people live with needlessly so that everyone can return to the activities they love without feeling like their activities, their sports, their fitness is going to harm them.

I have moved to Southampton, England as of May 2018 to live with my wife, Debbi, and I have re-opened E.H. Mobility as of August 2019!

If you live in the UK and need help, get in touch by clicking HERE and let’s get started talking to each other!